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We set out to design the most minimal comfort and support possible, without the restriction of wearing shoes. So we created a new category of footwear inspired by reusable materials and sustainable practices. We developed the world's first 3D Recovery Sock combining the benefits of arch support, with comfort and freedom to help relieve foot fatigue.


Parasoles are infused with a generative designed polymer sole providing dynamic arch support, improved pressure distribution and micro-cushioning, to relieve foot fatigue and tissue stress.  Beautifully designed to be an extension of your foot, our 3D recovery socks are engineered to help you perform better, as minimally as possible, without sacrificing the features we love most about our socks. Wear Parasole when you want more support and protection than socks, and more freedom and breathability than shoes.


Our feet have an incredible design, with over 7,000 nerve endings in each foot. Healthy foot movement requires sensory feedback from your foot to your brain. When your feet can feel the ground, you have much more sensory input than when you're insulated by a thick shoe sole. Our minimal design promotes natural foot motion from heel to toe. This helps improve balance, transmit information about the ground we're walking on, and build foot muscles.


Designed to be sustainable from day one. We are serious about reducing our carbon footprint to help slow climate change and save the planet. Made from just 3 primary materials, our 3D knitting process reduces cut-and-sew waste by over 90%, and our supportive sole is molded from a lightweight TPR polymer that is 100% recyclable. With a vision towards zero waste, we consider the amount of water, energy, and natural resources used to make our minimalist footwear.